Ten Oaks Project

What They Do

The Ten Oaks Project engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ communities through programs and activities rooted in play.

What we do is fun – and, lots of it! Our work is grounded in asset-based philosophies that use play to effect personal change, enhance self-esteem, develop leadership and foster independence. We believe that by bringing children and youth together to play and engage in recreation, we can build their confidence, forge bonds and facilitate understanding.

What We Did

Analysis Areas

  • Demographics: We would like to know more about the people who are donating to them or participating in their events.  What are the demographics of the community?
  • Relationships: How do people’s connections to the camp relate to their donation behaviour?
  • Fundraising: How much do people typically donate and over what time frame?

Data Used

We used donation and camp registration data from 2005 to part way through 2016