Case studies

In an exciting collaboration, Data for Good worked with Hike Nova Scotia on their 2020 “Hike Nova Scotia” survey. Hike Nova Scotia is a nonprofit that, in their own words, “encourages and promotes a growing hiking culture in Nova Scotia” and “strives to be the voice for those who hike, walk and snowshoe.” Founded in 2007, Hike Nova Scotia offers events such as seasonal hiking, an annual hiking summit, plus courses, workshops, and other education events.

Hike Nova Scotia conducted a member survey in January 2020 to gain an understanding of what its members wanted from its work. However, the nonprofit did not have available resources to analyze the data and turned to Data for Good. Data for Good was happy to help!

Data for Good was tasked with visualizing the data set into graphs, charts, and infographics. Recommendations were given to Hike Nova Scotia by Data for Good staff and volunteers, such as assistance with their goals to increase membership, and understand how better to communicate with their members. Now, when Data for Good and Hike Nova Scotia work together next year, a trend analysis can be done comparing the two years. With the help of Data for Good, Hike Nova Scotia is able to proceed with giving members their best possible experience.